5 “New” Social Media Copywriting Rules for Dynamic Social Media Marketing

pin it button 5 “New” Social Media Copywriting Rules for Dynamic Social Media Marketing

Writing for Social Media isn’t the same as writing traditional marketing copy. Traditional marketing copy tends to be one way and tends not to allow interaction with the reader. Social Media Marketing needs a  very different approach.

  • Relationship
  • Community
  • Conversations
  • Participation
  • Listening
  • Intimacy

If the #1 success determinant in Social Media Marketing is your message – then how you write that message is crucial.

Still writing controlled messages, squeaky clean PR, spin, and “customer commitment” statements? That won’t cut it if you’re looking to succeed in Social Media Marketing. For one thing, there’s been a fundamental shift of power to your customers.

Your customers are interested in:

  • Genuine engagement with you
  • Two-way conversation
  • Your participation in their forums
  • Authentic relationships built on trust

The old marketing rules and traditional marketing approach don’t work with this audience . You need new rules. Social Media Copywriting rules.

Social Media Copywriting uses proven and successful direct response copywriting techniques to help you:

  • Write content that attracts and interests your audience
  • Engage your audience in conversations
  • Gain increased brand awareness and brand advocates
  • Increase leads
  • Build relationships

Direct response copywriting has been used very successfully for years for building relationships, generating leads and building loyalty, and establishing a connection with the reader. Which is why the same rules lend themselves so well to Social Media Copywriting. Forget about mass marketing…intimate and deep understanding of the reader is paramount.

These 5 “New” Rules for Social Media Copywriting are all proven direct response copywriting best practice and they are immediately applicable for creating valuable content for your readers.

Write to create relationship – Everything begins and ends with relationship without which your social media marketing campaign will fail. This is a tough concept for many marketers; however it’s the foundation of Social Media Marketing success. Use Social Media Copywriting to build relationships by crafting your messages as if you are speaking with a good friend rather than to a group of anonymous consumers.

Give your reader a strong sense of who you are. In direct response copywriting we call this the “Voice of the Author.” Allow yours to shine through and create a genuine connection with your reader. Traditional marketing lacks this intimacy – the corporate message comes across as boring, stuffy and impersonal – a good way to send your audience to the competition.

Avoid selling at least while you’re building the relationship and building trust. Jumping into a community and making your pitch is likely to get you banned – or at best ignored. Instead, make your message conversational and individual. Try to make a personal connection with your reader. But be genuine.

Sweeten the deal – Give something of value away for free. People love useful free stuff. This is a powerful copywriting technique because it motivates your reader to accept your offer and take immediate action.

Share a story – People enjoy stories because they effortlessly paint a picture in our minds helping us imagine ourselves in the situation. Stories are powerful, and they are also  a somewhat underutilized copywriting technique – even by copywriters. What kind of stories work?  Stories that illustrate a key point, relate to your audience, reflect your brand, and humanize your company will all generate interest.

This post was adapted from one of my articles, and my recently published report – the 19 “New” Rules of Social Media Copywriting.

Written by Nicky Jameson

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Nicky Jameson is an urban photographer.She’s from London, England, and lives in Toronto. Her works reflect her love of architecture, historic landmarks, hidden urban gems and capturing the seemingly mundane in ways that rekindle the initial passions behind them. She uses her camera to both capture moments and frame memories. Visit her galleries at her Fine Art Website to view her photographs or purchase prints. Or engage with her on Google Plus Twitter or Facebook.

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