There’s More to Social Networking than Linked In, Facebook and Twitter

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4 Business Social Sites to Help you Network

LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook  aren’t  the only social networking games in town. Not by a  long shot.

connected thumb Theres More to Social Networking than Linked In, Facebook and Twitter Social Networking sites are being created for almost every conceivable need and they are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are simply the most well known.

Update 2013: This social networking post has been so popular I have been quite stunned. It’s been Stumbled thousands of times and I’m still not really sure why. I haven’t visited it in quite a while and of course the social networking landscape continues to change. Several of the social sites below have changed too… for example while still a big hitter, Facebook page posts rarely get visibility now unless you pay to promote them (reach has declined considerably so that only around 15% or less may see a non-promted Facebook page post, even if they have liked your page).  Google Plus has entered the fray as a viable social network. Then there’s Instagram for the mobile  for mobile photography and mobile phone enthusiasts – of which I remain one.

Pinterest continues to grow and stun the world of social media with its potential for both driving traffic and e-commerce. It currently is the third largest driver of traffic to my Artist Website.Nothing online stands still. It’s impossible to have the time to be effective on all social media sites so it’s still important to pick the ones that suite your business goals and objectives and be active and engaged on those. It also really depends on what your business is. Now I am focused on visual art I look for fine art communities and groups to share and interact, make people aware of my work and find other artists. I’ve recently completely revamped my Pinterest strategy because I am finding it a better fit for my goals than Twitter or even Facebook.  On Google Plus my social networking focus is purely photography, and while Google Plus isn’t great at social sharing its impact on social authorship cannot be ignored.

With all these social networking sites the one thing I am even more convinced about it that you need to have a central blog and approach your chosen social sites as satellites.

There are hundreds of other social networking sites where you can specifically market your business to your audience – and to other businesses. What I like about these networks below is they are geared to promoting and growing your business with a social, give, share, get approach. After all that’s what it’s all about.  Instead of trying to fit your goals around Facebook or Twitter etc (and their sometimes mystifying business “rules” you can unknowingly break), why not try one or more networks specifically geared to your business promotion goals?

To help you get started, here are 8 sites well worth checking out:

Note: some sites have changed their TOS and goals, it’s up to the reader to check them out for themselves. I have also removed links to the sites that no longer appear to operate/have dead links – leaving four of my original listed business social networking sites.

1. Tap into an affiliate marketing revenue stream by promoting products and sites on your business profile. You get paid for the friends you refer.

2. Join your local business community to connect and collaborate with nearby entrepreneurs, and find out about local seminars and events. This is an excellent social networking site for business and it has a vibrant friendly membership and great original content in the form of articles, blogs and more.

3. This is a start up community if you’re interested in fast growth, and finding focused expert advice and funding.

4. – a global site for finding business partners, contacts and professional opportunities.

These are very interesting social networking sites for business that might even be better fits than the more popular ones. Check them out and if you come across any others drop me a line.

Thanks to: Entrepreneur Magazine March 09

Written by Nicky Jameson

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Nicky Jameson is an urban photographer.She’s from London, England, and lives in Toronto. Her works reflect her love of architecture, historic landmarks, hidden urban gems and capturing the seemingly mundane in ways that rekindle the initial passions behind them. She uses her camera to both capture moments and frame memories. Visit her galleries at her Fine Art Website to view her photographs or purchase prints. Or engage with her on Google Plus Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Nicky says

    @Jayne – Believe me, I hear you. I thought about that when I wrote the post. You can’t possibly be in all of them – and still have time for luxuries – like sleeping and eating ;) Seriously though, choose one that you feel matches your business goals. Then it’s a case of trying it out.

  2. says

    Where, oh, where is the time? I need 30 hours in a day to explore, participate and raise a child; oh, yes, and make enough money to put into “retirement.” Thanks for these, for sure. @Soulati

  3. Nicky says

    @Cheryl: I thought these were a great find. They are by no means the only ones either. What I liked most is that they are promotion/marketing specific so more business geared than Twitter and Facebook.

    They reminded me a little of BNI, the offline marketing network. It’s important that social networking doesn’t leave out the need to give and receive leads and to promote. Though I do enjoy the popular “3″ they seem to frown on most types of business promotion and marketing… you have to be really careful – especially with Facebook which can ban you faster than you can say “invite”.

    Also, I think newer entrepreneurs need more info on where to network… they don’t have the corporate support so it’s not something that’s necessarily obvious. Biznik is great by the way.

  4. says

    Thanks for the reminder, Nicky. I like knowing about other social networking sites that are industry specific. While your post is pretty start-up and entrepreneur heavy, I was glad to read about Konnects.

    BTW, I had a little trouble with the link for EntrepreneurConnect.