13 Linked In Tactics for Driving Traffic

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20081204110858PM thumb 13 Linked In Tactics for Driving Traffic How well are you using LinkedIn as a social networking tool? With Social Media now playing a part in your personal as well as business branding it is important to use your social networking platforms effectively. That includes driving traffic to your blog, website or landing page. While most know that social networking platforms like Linked In can drive traffic they don’t always set them up to make the most of them. Here are  13 tips for driving more traffic with Linked In.

1. Always check the Expertise Requests option in your profile.

2. Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible, and include interests, a recent photo, and business information.

3. Connect with as many business associates as you can – they will help you to network with like minded individuals and companies.

4. Ask questions.

5. Answer questions. Answering thoroughly, expertly and frequently will help you gain other users’ confidence.

6. Check your home page on LinkedIn often. It often contains industry updates, news, and postings from other members.

7. Be sure to explain your work experience in as much detail as possible. Don’t just list employers or experience, expand upon it by showing others’ what you’ve done in detail and the results you achieved.

8. Comment in the discussion forums as much as you can so your profile gets noticed.

9. Update your status with useful content and information as much as possible. You can now incorporate Twitter statuses.

10. Use keywords  keywords in both your profile and your content, so that your information comes up in search engine results. This is a very powerful aspect of Linked In.

11. Always include your LinkedIn profile link on your other social networks like Twitter, Digg, and other social media websites.

12. Have a plan in place when you begin to build your network, otherwise you may end up getting some contacts you don’t want, and not enough of the ones you do.

13. Customize your public profile’s URL so it’s easier to link this to other pages. It also makes it easier for people to remember it.

These are only a few of the tips you can use to both build your profile and your traffic with LinkedIn.

Written by Nicky Jameson

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I’m Nicky Jameson an urban photographer from London, England, who lives in Toronto. Welcome! My art reflects my love of architecture, historic landmarks, hidden urban gems and capturing the seemingly mundane from a different perspective. Support me by visiting My Crated Fine Art Website to purchase prints. If you see a photograph you like please contact me for print details. You can also contact me on Google Plus Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Nicky February 8, 2010 at 12:35 am #

    Nic – glad you found it useful. I’ve more tips… so stay tuned! Thank you again by the way for including my blog in your social post media round up on Friday… I was – and still am – totally honoured :).

  2. Nic Oliver February 5, 2010 at 11:51 am #


    Many thanks, I’ve been looking for an article on leveraging LinkedIn for a while and this fits the bill nicely!

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