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20081204110858PM thumb online casino wo man mit paypal bezahlen kannSocial Media is interesting. One of the most interesting things about it is that, far from turning everything we know upside down it actually brings certain age-old business foundations into sharp clarity. You only find this out when actually using social media in your business – as opposed to simply talking about it.

I’ve taken a break from my beloved blogging the past couple online casino accepting paypal of weeks to launch a new business project. And in launching live casino accepting paypal this new project I’ve used the opportunity to test some of my social media marketing online casino accepting paypal knowledge, theories and assumptions. It’s been an interesting and very exciting online casino accepting paypal time (and particularly welcoming as, fearing becoming just another australian casinos that accept paypal echo chamber, I was actually looking for topics other australian casinos that accept paypal than social media to write about. For me at least, it’s online casino accepting paypal true that early adopters also tend to tire of what they adopt far more quickly than the “come casino online paypal deutschland latelys” and that’s part blessing, part curse.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my own social australian casinos that accept paypal media media networking and marketing insights casino online paypal canada as this blog post. They are insights in progress and are by no means exhaustive. They might be different casino sites accepting paypal for you. Hopefully it will give people food for thought as they consider their own social casino sites accepting paypal media plans, strategies and desired outcomes.

OK, here goes. I’ll try and keep to 19. And not all of this is new… but it is my perspective (which is of course subject live casino accepting paypal to change just because it is mine).

1. Talking, even writing about social media is easy. Actually using casino online paypal deutschland it is less so. You really do need to begin with a plan.

2. It is rather unwise to ignore social media casino sites accepting paypal. The potential for positive business exposure is pretty big.

3. Face to face contact still trumps sitting behind casino online paypal us a computer and “social networking.” You must get out there and “press the flesh.” People online casino accepting paypal need to connect with you as a person.

4. The ABC of marketing is very much alive… find a need, an unserved, preferably hungry niche. Focus casino online paypal deutschland on it. Fill that hunger.

5. Test everything. Yes,even social media. If you don’t test and track you might as well be walking online casino accepting paypal blindfold.

6. Blogging IS where it’s at. Though I built casino online paypal us a great website which did and is still doing a great job, blogs online casino accepting paypal still out pace it for seo (for a lot less work and expense). I at least need both.

7. As annoying as I find Facebook sometimes, as a small business I would casino sites accepting paypal not ignore Facebook. Find out how to harness Facebook Fan Pages for increased australian casinos that accept paypal Fandom – sorry Brand exposure. Use Facebook live casino accepting paypal ads – but again test, test test. Do stuff for your fans.

8. On Facebook your “friends” aren’t necessarily your market. You may need to cultivate a new market live casino accepting paypal.

9. Copy is still King, Queen and everything in between! I am glad I am a copywriter live casino accepting paypal. No social media campaign will replace lack-lustre copy. You either live casino accepting paypal have to learn it or pay for it. Either works.

10. There are still no magic bullets. Not for online marketing online casino accepting paypal. Not for social media. If you find one, do let me know. Meanwhile take a long term view.  And be persistent.

11. You must still follow up. You must give your customers a reason to keep doing business online casino wo man mit paypal bezahlen kann with you. You must up-sell and cross sell. That’s business 101.

12. Many smaller businesses are still not using social media australian casinos that accept paypal as much as they could. They don’t see the value. Talk to me. I’ll give you tips.

13. Unless you’ve managed to replicate and/or clone australian casinos that accept paypal yourself (or you don’t have to bring in business) you are going to have to outsource some aspects casino sites accepting paypal of your social media work to do it well. There simply aren’t enough casino online paypal deutschland hours in the day to do everything. Says she who still writes all her own blog posts because casino online paypal us she loves it. Guests bloggers anyone?

14. As Yanik Silver said, focus on the key value producing casino sites accepting paypal tasks. Outsource the rest. Don’t get caught up in minutiae and bullshit online casino accepting paypal. If you do you will lose the will to live.

15. Build your opt-in list. Form a relationship.  australian casinos that accept paypal No social media platform will replace a responsive list.

16. Link all your social media platforms. For example my Facebook Page tweets online casino accepting paypal as well.

17. Share helpful tips. But don’t over-share because casino sites accepting paypal it’s overwhelming and frankly annoying.

18. Take a break from all the social media tools online casino accepting paypal, platforms, noise et all… take time off, smell the roses. Life does go on.

19. Social Media is very powerful, but it’s still online casino wo man mit paypal bezahlen kann just a tool. You must have a message, a market and a focus (if you’re in business australian casinos that accept paypal that is)

When it comes to social media there is no one size fits all. Some things online casino wo man mit paypal bezahlen kann will work, some won’t. Most things will take time and other resources. But if you look at everything, even the mistakes as an investment casino online paypal deutschland in your business you can’t lose.

Look for opportunities to listen, then take action. Most of all – keep learning and refining.

online casino wo man mit paypal bezahlen kann

Headshot 1C small 59281 e1382820479896 150x150 19 Things online casino accepting paypal I’ve Learned About Social Media

Nicky Jameson live casino accepting paypal is an urban photographer.She’s from London, England, and lives in Toronto casino online paypal deutschland. Her works reflect her love of architecture, historic landmarks, hidden online casino accepting paypal urban gems and capturing the seemingly mundane in ways that rekindle the initial passions live casino accepting paypal behind them. She uses her camera to both capture moments and frame memories casino sites accepting paypal. Visit her galleries at her Fine Art Website casino som godtar norsk visa
to view her photographs or purchase australian casinos that accept paypal prints. Or engage with her on Google Plus live casino accepting paypal online casino wo man mit paypal bezahlen kann or Facebook.

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online casino wo man mit paypal bezahlen kann

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    Great tips you got here! You really pointed the golden rules casino sites accepting paypal. Social media for me is the most cost effective way to market my business. Through australian casinos that accept paypal it, I was able to spot-target my market and gain massive traffic. I was able to interact with real people and 0f course casino online paypal deutschland prospects.

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    Another great article Nicky!

    I would have to add that social media can strategically be used depending on your products live casino accepting paypal and business. Meaning, different products and industries casino sites accepting paypal would find benefits with different social media’s casino online paypal us as opposed to all using the same, for instance Facebook. Casting out true supporters, that might live casino accepting paypal live on Digg, would be a mistake in order to get a big Facebook fan base.