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How To Buy Art Online
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Why a Buying Art on Online guide?
The Internet has made great art more accessible than ever. This is a wonderful thing. No longer is art the preserve of the very rich. With a computer, smart phone or tablet lovers of art and collectors of art can browse online art galleries of beautiful art and easily purchase the art they love, whether framed, matted or canvas – in just a few clicks. You can get to know living artists and follow their art. Yet for many buying art online is fraught with questions. Questions like such as “Where do I find great art online?” “How long will it take to arrive?” “And what if I change my mind? Can I return it?” “Is it safe to buy art online?”

In my free guide Buying Art Online-15 Tips I answer all these questions plus a few more. I’ll automatically email Buying Art online to you as a thank you when you become a new subscriber. Look in your in-box for the special download link. Sign up today and happy reading.

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Nicky Jameson, Photo Artist