How To Create a Buzz Piece


I advise all my clients to create a special report… or something free and downloadable from their site for their prospects. Surprisingly, even when they don’t have to do it themselves many won’t do it. When they understand they need to use an auto-responder and keep in touch with prospects, many see it as “too much work.” The fact is, it’s far more work to try and capture or convert someone just visiting your website.


SocialGo: A Rather Irresistible Social Network Builder

if you’re looking for a robust, integrated and “enticing” social network, with excellent customer service SocialGo is a platform worth considering. If there is something that’s not on this social network, they are probably adding it or it’s on the list to be added. I first thought it was Ning on steroids but after trying it out I…

13 Linked In Tactics for Driving Traffic

With Social Media now playing a part in your personal as well as business branding it is important to use your social networking platforms effectively. That includes driving traffic to your blog, website or landing page. While most know that social networking platforms like Linked In can drive traffic they don’t always set them up to make the most of them. Here are 13 tips for driving more traffic with LinkedIn.