Night Falls, Winter Photography

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Night Falls is a photograph I took earlier this year and have decided to make available as  art prints.

Ask anyone in Toronto if they remember what they were doing on February 8th 2013 and it’s very likely they will recall what we’ve come to term “Toronto’s Great Snowstorm.” Snow isn’t unusual in Toronto of course, even though somehow it manages to be big news when it arrives. The snow on February 8th 2013 was Big News.  It created some amazing winter photography opportunities for those of us who went and explored this winter scene with their camera…this was one of those opportunities that I took. I will always be glad I did because this was a unique photograph and shooting experience.  Most  people decided not to brave the elements and stayed home (and mostly out of the city) that day. And no doubt many would have thought me crazy to venture out in close to sub-zero temperatures and snow to grab uncertain shots. Happily, there weren’t that many people around, and even had there been I doubt I’d have cared.

When it snows the atmosphere changes completely and silently as to feel almost other-worldly. It sounds weird, but I could “hear” the silence, and considering the road right next to this scene is usually a busy through road, the silence was quite something.  It’s less than easy for me to describe the feelings I had when I took this photograph, though I remember them very clearly each time I view Night Falls.  Snow was still falling, silently and thickly, hiding the lake just beyond the trees in the fast-falling night. The snow was knee-deep and, while trying not to fall down in it, I was all the while wondering how I could capture and represent  such unexpected natural beauty. So I just composed and went with it,  framing and shooting what most struck me until my fingers and toes were simply too frozen to shoot any more.  I have to admit I wasn’t completely sure how  my winter night shots would turn out, so I was happy  this shot came out as well as it did. It’s easily one of my favourite art prints. It featured on Torontoist as Photo of the day, which was a nice surprise. Enjoy this fine art print –  Night Falls, a Toronto winter.

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