Tree of Lights Toronto

With  the dark winter nights in December and the onset of Christmas it’s thrilling to see downtown Toronto become a fairyland of beautiful and spectacular lights.Tree of Lights -2R-2013-12-30 16.58.14

The Christmas trees in Commerce Court are an amazing sight to behold.  The sparkling trees literally come to light after dusk and you can see the lights twinkling and sparkling like so many stars on a tree. Even during the day the Tree of Lights sparkle brightly.

When I first saw  the Tree of Lights Christmas trees over a year ago I immediately knew I had to get a photograph of them. Because it was so cold, I couldn’t stay outside that long before freezing, however sharing them online and seeing people enjoying them made it well worth the effort to get this particular night shot. On this occasion I thought  the beautiful Christmas Tree of Lights might make a memorable art print in addition to an online image.

There is a  Tree of Light (my name for the Christmas trees by the way) guarding the North, South, East and West perimeters of Commerce Court, with another on the North East corner of King and Bay Streets in the downtown core.  From afar you see a sparkling almost ethereal-looking tree. Look closer and you’ll see the trees are probably made of something like aluminium and lights. I find them one of the most beautiful sights in Toronto at this time of year and they never fail to fill me with awe.

Commerce Court, Downtown Toronto, Financial District is  in the core of downtown Toronto’s Financial District and it’s one of my favourite shooting locations. From the sweeping skyscrapers to the historic architecture it’s an architecture photographers dream. Winter-time offers a completely different atmosphere and I hope you enjoy this canvas art print of  the Commerce Court Tree of Lights.

Wishing all my readers a very happy new year.

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