Anniversaries and Art Photographs

Each week I usually post one of my art photographs with the story of the inspiration behind it, or a little bit about the history of the photograph or an inspirational quote by one of my favourite photographers. As last week was a rather important week for me I decided I’d do something  a little different: celebrate two big anniversaries through my art photography, sharing a few random photographs I took during the last week of May.

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers

So what are the two anniversaries? Well, the first is that May 30th was the first anniversary of my Dad’s passing, which I blogged about here.  This time is important in and of itself however in many ways it was shortly after (and perhaps because of) this time that my photography took a leap forwards during the months following his passing. May 30th was a tough day and I still miss my Dad very much. However it  was good to remember and celebrate his life and acknowledge as a family how far we’d come over the last year, not knowing how it was going to be.  It was very much a case of taking one day one at a time.

May 31st was Harry and I’s 11th  wedding anniversary.  Our 10th (and a big milestone) went by almost in a haze last year for the reasons I’ve noted above.  Which meant that this year it was extra special to mark our 11th, which we did by going for a lovely dinner at Nawlins, one of our favourite restaurants. And oddly enough Nawlins featured as one of my art photographs and blog a couple of weeks ago.

KitKat and Nawlins by Nicky Jameson

Nawlins, featuring the piano on the wall

Billie Holiday, photo on the wall at Nawlins

Photograph of Billie Holiday on the wall at Nawlins

Martini Menu at Nawlins

The Martini menu at Nawlins

It’s said that a major milestone can make us focus more closely on our own lives, and the things we’d like to do with the life we have – always remembering that we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. In my case,  after my Dad’s passing away I refocused on my art photography with more intention, taking more photographs,  exploring my style sharing, selling, blogging,starting my art photography newsletter as well as talking to more collectors offline about my work and art stories.   I also joined Crate and was a featured artist.

Talking to people about my art photography has  led to some interesting new opportunities – including exhibiting and participating in a couple of local art fairs later this year.  I wasn’t too sure I was ready to exhibit… it’s going to be an interesting new step.

401 Richmond, Doors Open Toronto 2014

Spherical Reflections 401 Richmond, Doors Open Toronto 2014

With a few other things on the horizon I’m looking forward to some exciting times ahead. I’ll be sharing them with you on the blog and in my newsletter (you can sign up for the newsletter here). It’s been an interesting year and nothing at all like I thought it would be.  I thank you for viewing my art and reading and I hope you’ll continue with me on my art journey!

You can now buy my art from my portfolio on Crate  as well as from my Artist website


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