Art Photography Gallery at Arts Market

Toronto Art Photography Gallery Is Now Up

Path Through Fog Print by Nicky Jameson
Path Through Fog Fine Art Print

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll understand when I say that August has been the most amazing month for my art photography. At the beginning of August I joined Toronto’s Arts Market as a vendor, meaning I now have my own art  gallery space to showcase and sell my photography. In the weeks since then I have  painted my new space, making it mine, and have had fun choosing which art prints to display. I’ve travelled far and wide sourcing unique picture frames, have matted and framed the first group of art photography prints for display and developed a whole new skill – framing my art. Choosing which ones to print and what treatments would bring out their particular uniqueness the best was a lot of fun, and I’ve learned to critically assess my work from the additional perspective of the end result matted and framed, as well as framing the initial photograph.

Nicky Jameson's Art Gallery at Arts Market Leslieville
Art Photography Gallery wall

Along the way I’ve shared stages of the journey. Everything was made that much more interesting by the fact that because I am travelling home to the UK for the next few weeks I had to get all the art up in my new gallery space by August 31st. That was a huge milestone, and I am forever grateful to my beloved husband and team mate Harry who helped me paint my wall space, measure, select, matt, frame, hammer, bring and carry my artwork so that together we got over 15 pieces of artwork displayed on my gallery wall by 6pm on August 31st! What a star!

I will talk more a bit later of the experience of seeing my art photography displayed in print (which is totally different from seeing it in pixels online and will probably be a post in its own right). For now I am  mega-happy to say that my Gallery is up with my chosen artworks on display, with a selection of framed prints, canvases and metal prints. Each frame is uniquely sourced, making each artwork unique in its own right.  I am very excited about the opportunity to share my work in a completely new dimension and it’s going to be even more fun being surrounded by so many other artisans at the Arts Market. Going from pixels to print has offered me an entirely new dynamic because I’ve found that people enjoy connecting with art they are viewing or buying. For example showing my metal print of Winter Morning and prints of Sugar Beach to people we could talk about how they connected with the area. Stay tuned for news of a full launch later in September and if you are in and around Toronto please drop into the Arts Market Leslieville and visit my gallery. Not only would I love to see you, you can check out all the other talented artists too.

Finalist Winner of Toronto My Waterfront Photography Contest 2014

I am a finalist winner and looking forward to the Artist’s Preview Gala in September. It will be fun to see my photography Winter Morning on Toronto Waterfront displayed in the Atrium in Queens Quay Terminal. The exhibit will run from September to early November. Another first – read about it here.

London Calling

I’ll be in the UK for the next three weeks having some well earned rest and relaxation and seeing family and friends. But rest assured, nothing stops the photography! I am looking forward to finding new perspectives on the familiar and brand new finds to make interesting prints – stay tuned.

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