Humber River at the Old Mill

Humber River at Old Mill by Nicky Jameson

 Humber River at Old Mill

Long summer days are simply the best. Maybe that’s why they seem to slip by so quickly. Or perhaps it’s because we like to savour each moment and get as much as we can from the outdoors, because we know before long it’ll be gone for another year. I am hoping summer sticks around until October…. but I am grateful for the hot sunny days and the rain.

Beauty, rushing river, dreaming of rainstorms in summer and my painterly expression of the Humber at the Old Mill.It is interesting to see how different a place is from season to season. In spring the Humber is full and fishermen stand thigh deep in waders. A hot Toronto summer brings lower water levels, so low it would be easy to cross to the other side on foot. I hope there is more rain soon.
Humber River at Old Mill by Nicky Jameson

Speaking of rain, today’s photograph had me thinking of how much we need rain (even though we had a thunderstorm last night) and lots of it. Walking by the Humber River I was quite surprised to see how low the river level was, it was possible to see the riverbed and it wouldn’t have been a stretch to walk right over to the other side of the river without getting more than your ankles wet.

Of course I didn’t, however I did marvel as to how different it looked from a year ago in springtime when I first saw the fishermen standing thigh-high in waders. It was colder then too, and I much preferred the warm  weather, it made for comfortable shooting.  The Humber River at the Old Mill is actually in Etobicoke, part of the Greater Toronto area (GTA) and while there used to be an Old Mill at the site, the Old Mill is now a very luxurious olde-worlde hotel and spa.

I decided to explore just beyond the photograph and use textures and layers of light to create the story and expression. I love the painterly feel  (kind of opposite to the bright sunny day that it was) and I am pretty happy with the result! Enjoy.

We’re at the tail end of a long weekend in Toronto and what a month July has been. My solo art show entered its second month with my large fine art photography prints up in lights to great feedback  overall. My exhibit ends o nAugust 5th, so you’ve only a day or so if you’re looking to own a piece of Toronto fine art photography at the special end of show pricing. I will have some of them at the Arts market for a limited time. Next – getting ready for my next show!

Talking of the Arts Market, summer has been anything but quiet, with some of my  favourite prints going to collectors searching for that special gift for a special person (and I always love hearing the story behind the “why”). They make my day and make me realize just how powerful art is.

Coming up: August activities.

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