Toronto Landscape Artistry, Winter's Edge by Nicky Jameson

Winter’s Edge

Winter’s Edge, Toronto Waterfront. An urban sense of place and peace.

Winter's Edge

I’m a little behind in adding my most recent work to the blog, so be sure to go and see it here.

Winter’s Edge is a photograph I took on a day very much like today… cold and wintry and because of that mostly bereft of people who had more sense than to go wandering down by the Waterfront in mid winter. I find with a little patience I find some of the most unexpected landscapes reveal themselves. The lake was frozen and the trees were bare but the sense of peace was there for all. I returned to this Winter’s Edge to see if I could take it further. I love creating stories from my photography, however am always aware that my camera, my wonderful tool can only go so far, and I often sought ways to go further and deeper and to capture even more elements of the feelings and emotions of the moment.

I had no idea there were other powerful tools I could use to achieve what I couldn’t fully articulate even to myself. To this then, and from the same photograph I explored adding masks, layers, textures and other elements and with blend modes – and behold! I created the composition I  saw – beyond the photo. It feels magical and scary and adventurous all at once. Why? Because I never quite know where I will end up, though I know the direction. People have commented that they can hardly believe that this scene is in Toronto. Well, it very much is, I simply bring it to life artistically. Toronto is chock full of interesting and unexpected urban scenery if  we take the time to “see” it. Stay tuned for more stories of the unexpected in the months ahead. Learning new techniques for expression in one thing. Learning to see in a completely different way is quite another. It’s like stepping into the unknown – and trusting the journey will lead to the destination of my creative vision… and that there may be some interesting detours along the way. Fun times.

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