New Watercolour Art – Old Fountain Pub

Old Fountain Pub is one of the pubs we always visit when we’re in London. It’s also an old haunt as I used to work just around the corner in nearby City Road. Time for a quick pint before heading down to Old Street Tube.  I have had this photograph of the Old Fountain for some time, pondering the treatment I should give the beautiful blue front facade. I tried paint strokes and wasn’t satisfied. I decided this artwork should be a watercolour, even though I find painting watercolour art a very challenging medium to master (I am not alone). I used layers of different watercolour brush treatments and several blue and green inky washes on watercolour paper and canvas.

There might still be a tad more detail in my art in my Old Fountian Pub painting than there would normally be however I embrace that and I am very happy with how it turned out. I think it really focuses the eye on the bright bold blue facade and I love that. And I know if I do another one it will be different again. We’ll be in London again for a few weeks and I’ll be at the Old Fountain again. I wonder if there will be any changes? I will be sure to get photos! Being London I am never surprised if there are changes, on the other hand it’s nice some things (like this pretty pub) stay the same because they are so full of history and bring back great memories.

Check out Old Fountain as canvas and an art print.

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