Cotswolds Trail

Cotswold's Walk, with traditional stone wall
Cotswolds Trail, painting in pastel on canvas by Nicky Jameson
My Painting inspired by my walk in the Cotswolds, seeing the English COuntryside at its best. The stunning stone wall were everywhere and so lovely

On my visit home to England in September we visited the Cotswold’s and it was so beautiful that really words are a bit inadequate to describe it. We walked a lot and took many many photos and in my mind I was thinking about what fun I was going to have turning my photos of the beautiful Cotswold’s into paintings.  I could not take enough photos, and I took hundreds. We walked through fields, saw fluffy grazing sheep, bubbling brooks and centuries old stone houses nestled in picturesque villages, it was truly idyllic. So much so that the fact we walked over 12,000 steps didn’t seem nearly as exhausting as it really was. It was so worth it and I can’t wait to go back.

This is one of my initial efforts at painting my wonderful experience.  I am  doing more. Early days!  It was a beautiful day  and blue sky… I painted in the clouds and brought out some detail in the wall. I am sure I will have a lot of fun this winter, learning to paint,  working with my photos, doing my textured art and remembering my summer in the wonderful English countryside – there is nothing quite like it.

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