Giving Your Home New Life with Home-made Embellishments

Giving Your Home New Life with Home-Made Embellishments

New Year is the perfect time to go for a new look for your home. You can acquire new art which will work wonders bringing permanent pleasure to your space (you can never have too much art) or why not add a collection of scatter or throw pillows strategically placed around your home? Sally has put together some great ideas below on giving your home new life with Artsy Home-made Embellishments and they are so easy to do with a little time and creativity. So grab yourself a coffee and get cozy with these new ideas.

Artsy Cushions by Nicky Jameson Art
Add colour to your space with some artsy cushions

After spending a long day at a demanding job, nothing gives more pleasure than relaxing in the comfort of your own home. If your home is filled with exquisite photo art and other fine decor, you will find it extremely easy to sit down and unwind. If your home, however, lacks character and a pleasing atmosphere, you may find it hard to feel happy and relaxed in your own abode.  Your home should always be a direct extension of yourself, reflecting your personality through personal touches in both the design and the décor. If your budget allows you to give your home a makeover from top to bottom there is no limit to the amount of art you can incorporate into your interior design.  Don’t despair if you are forced to stick to a budget though as there are countless ways, such as the following, through which you can add a simple yet personal touch to your existing home interior.

Your scatter cushions deserve a makeover

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

A few strategically-placed scatter cushions can completely change a room. If you are a lover of printed art and have the required budget available, you can invest in a range of cushion covers depicting fine art that matches your home interior. At present, geometrical designs in contrasting colors, as well as arty prints depicting popular or iconic landmarks or characters are extremely popular. Alternatively, you can employ one of a number of crafting and sewing techniques that can transform your current scatter cushions from drab to fab with minimal effort.  Embroidered finishes can add a whimsical, unique touch to your cushions covers. If this sounds like too much effort, don’t despair as embroidering intricate designs by hand is a thing of the past thanks to the availability of a range of embroidery machines that can make swift work of the task at hand. Another very easy way to embellish your cushions is to tie a scarf or fabric sash around it or adding a variety of buttons, fringed trim, tassels, or ruffles.

Give your curtains a new lease on life

By embellishing your plain, store-bought curtains you can add a very creative personal touch to any room in your house without necessarily spending a lot of money. You can customize your drapery in a number of ways that will not only make them completely unique but that will also change the ambiance of your home completely. One of the simplest ways to embellish your curtains is by adding a trim of your choice to them.  It is as easy as picking a ribbon or tape of your choice and either sewing it to the curtain or attaching it with iron-on mending tape. You can choose to edge the entire curtain, create horizontal or vertical lanes, or even more intricate geometrical designs in bold reds or cooler blues, all depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Take your current room decor including color scheme and art pieces into consideration when personalizing your curtains.

Try your hand at fabric painting

Fabric paint in your favorite colors and a few paint brushes are all you need to turn a plain set of curtains into a beautiful work of art. you don’t even have to be a Monet or Picasso to create beautiful designs.  You can make your hand-painted designs as simple as a few zig-zags, lines, or swirls reminiscent of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ or as complex as a French country garden. If you love the idea of hand-painted curtains but do not have much confidence in your own artistic abilities you can always invest in a few stencils to make your job increasingly easier.

You don’t have to be a professional crafter or seamstress to be able to give new life to some of your tired-look curtains and cushions. All you need are a few basic materials, a bit of free time, and a healthy dose of creativity and you will soon be relaxing in a home filled with exquisite, personal touches.

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