Messy Business – City Streets

Gherkin from Mitre Street – London Collage by Nicky Jameson

Messy  Business canvas print
City Street – Gherkin from Mitre Street

I often feel that if I had many words for each of my art creations I wouldn’t create the art in the first place. The Messy Business artwork was inspired by my need to do something that was collage, my photograph of the Gherkin in London from a different angle because it so often surprises me when it “appears” down a street as if by accident (it doesn’t, that’s simply the way it feels to me and it does have me taking pictures like there’s no tomorrow) and the challenge of using red, white and blue. Can you see the Union Jack in the artwork? These days I have it in my artwork, usually so well blended in that you really have to look to find it. I typically choose my backgrounds based on my photos, in this case I broke that rule for hidden artsy elements and contrasts and complementing bold colour beginning with stamping old script across the entire canvas and using blending modes on each of the many layers of textures and paint to control the light. But we are getting into process and once again I feel that bogs the story down somewhat. Maybe the story of Messy Business is that life is totally messy and chaotic yet we can still find a beautiful order to everything.

Messy Business – City Street is available in the Artstore in Canvas or Metal substrates.

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