Watch Me Create – Gloriana

Gloriana - An Architectural Garden Art by Nicky Jameson

“Gloriana” – An Architectural Garden

Watch me create “Gloriana” a little piece of this “architectural garden”, textured mixed media artwork based on my photos of London around St Paul’s Cathedral.

Watch Me Create – “Gloriana” – An Architectural Garden

I have been asked if I’d share a “behind the scenes” look creating one of my London inspired artwork creations and so I recorded a couple and posted them on my YouTube channel. In the video I share why I chose this particular piece for my art inspiration and what kind of textures I like for certain types of artwork and why, as well as a few insights about my London inspired art.

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I thought I’d share one of the long time sources of my wonderful textures since people are always asking me about them. If you are inspired and want to try your hand at some arty texture work and are looking for design assets, including templates and brushes do take some time check out Design Cuts – here I am sharing my affiliate link of their Spring Edition of delicious assets. If you use the link I get a small commission – no cost to you.

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