Presenting My Latest Art!

Presenting my latest art

A Short Presentation of My New Artwork

I have been busy and still creating art. Though perhaps less regular at posting it.

Now more than ever consistently creating art is like a discipline and a guiding light. If I allow myself to stop for even a little time it’s harder to get back into it. And if I stop I ask myself why. It seems this past week has been full of all kinds of angst, anxiety, bad news, set backs and distraction and all the things pulling my attention away were not things I wanted to dwell on for even a little while because of how they pull me down to that place.

I reminded myself that the art I create is all about being authentic to me and the stories I want to tell and in some cases share and that whenever I focus in I lift my spirits… and hopefully the spirits of others.

I had fun putting this little presentation together. Amazing what you can do keeping it short and sweet – less than 40 seconds!

New Art by Nicky Jameson – a presentation

I’ve added most of the new art pieces to my website and you can see them in my Featured collection. In time I will add more art to the art store.

It can take time to get around to uploading new stuff and I’d rather devote my time to creating so do ensure you are subscribed to my monthly newsletter to be apprised of the latest releases or contact me for details.

You can now also join me for weekly updates on Ko-Fi I am having so much fun setting up my page, sharing exclusive content and bonus goodies. Come and check out my page!

I thought I’d share one of the long time sources of my wonderful textures since people are always asking me about them. If you are inspired and want to try your hand at some arty texture work and are looking for design assets, including templates and brushes do take some time check out Design Cuts – here I am sharing my affiliate link of their Spring Edition of delicious assets. If you use the link I get a small commission – no cost to you.

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