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Nicky Jameson, Digital Artist, Memory Keeper

Nicky Jameson,  Photographer, Photo Artist

Londoner Nicky Jameson was homesick. A Toronto-based fine art photographer, the London native missed the beautiful imperfections and alluring grit of her hometown, feeling a surge of feelings and emotions best expressed in artistic form.

Combining her photography skills and creative savviness, Nicky’s artistic grunge approach allows her to portray her city’s emotion and nostalgia through a photograph, layering on textures, colors, stains, fabrics, backgrounds, paper and other mixed media to create an intriguing piece that evokes fondness and reminiscence of a landmark, street, or neighborhood. Through these unique and subtle additions, Nicky’s work becomes a lot like memories themselves—layered reflection that’s steeped in a moment’s emotion, connection, and time.

From famous landmarks to the anonymous detritus of a city, Nicky’s cityscapes portray the overlapping complexity of urban life. In addition to London, her one-of-a-kind pieces include Toronto scenes, inviting locals and expats to instantly reconnect with the city’s familiar feel.

Fans and owners of Nicky’s art tend to hold London or Toronto close to their hearts, whether they’re longtime expats, repeat visitors, or fond historians. One satisfied buyer said her piece held the “perfect balance of nostalgia and beauty.” Another claimed, “I feel something different each time I look at Nicky’s work.” Yet another says “Nicky’s art is an immediate talking point whenever their visitors see it.”

Art should be more than a conversation starter; it should evoke a sense of connection, inspiration, and belonging. By capturing the essence of a city’s dynamic energy, Nicky’s artwork allows a familiar story to unfold, each and every time. Nicky’s aim with her art? A lifetime of connection, lasting moments and lots of happy.

Nicky’s  distinctive photoartistic and textured art is available for purchase at her online store in many different sizes and mediums.  Nicky’s photograph, “Winter on Toronto Waterfront at Bathurst Quay” was one of 50 finalists in the 2014 Toronto My Waterfront Photography Contest, run by the Toronto Waterfront Business Improvement Association and was  on exhibit along the Toronto Waterfront until 2017. Nicky has exhibited locally in Toronto and writes a monthly newsletter to share  her latest work, stories and events. Her art  is enthusiastically acquired by her fans and collectors worldwide.

Contact Nicky at 416 500 3314 or email nicky[at}

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Finalist Winner: My Toronto Waterfront Photography Contest 2014

My wining photograph, “Winter on Toronto Waterfront at Bathurst Quay” was on exhibit along Queen’s Quay from Yonge Street to Bathurst St from September 4 2015 to September 2017!! Read the News Release


June and July 2015 – Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St, Toronto, First Solo Fine Art Photography show
June and July 2016 –  Rainbow Cinema, Market Square, Toronto


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