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Canary Wharf Reflections in the evening

Reflections on Canary Wharf

Architecture and reflections in Canary Wharf, a major business centre in London, England Canary Wharf is located in Tower Hamlets and, along with the City of London is one of London’s two main financial centres. …

Ancient and Modern

For me, a building is never “just a building”. I love the way architecture evolves, and we can see evidence of that evolution all around us – we only have to look up! I just love the way this photograph perfectly encapsulates two buildings that stand at either end of an architectural time-line.

Flatiron Gooderham Building Toronto

Flatiron (Gooderham) Building Canvas  The red-brick Flatiron Gooderham Building (commonly referred to as the Flatiron Building) is a historic landmark of Toronto, Ontario, Canada located at 49 Wellington Street East. It is wedged between Front …