Moments and Memories II

Moments and Memories by Nicky Jameson

Presenting a very small selection of my artwork, much of it was created during the first year of COVID19. Art was the main way I kept my focus and balance through the pandemic.

I was happy and very relieved that I was able to keep creating art and remain quite prolific despite all the uncertainty of the pandemic and one of the ways I was able to do so was to remove all expectations of myself, any plans and “shoulds” and avoid as much news and social media as I was able to, which was less easy to do. Discipline really did extend past creating art to protecting the spirit with which I created art. Part of the result of that are these art moments and memories.

I’ve started slowly adding things to my YouTube channel, mostly about my art (as it should be) and with an intention to add things I am interested in sharing as I decide what will go up. If you’re interested, please subscribe and if there’s anything you’re interested in hearing more about leave me a comment or ask a question and I’ll consider it as a topic for a future video.

In our Circle community – A Walk Around London we’re sharing stories of London and why we are so inspired by it and it’s a lot of fun learning about London in a way that’s from a personal perspective.

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I'm Nicky Jameson Digital Artist from London, England, based in Toronto. A Modern Memory Keeper, my mission is to create and share iconic and lasting London and Toronto Cityscapes, and connections to Home. Visit Nicky Jameson Art to view more of my creations and purchase art or visit to support my art and check out my membershipQuestions? Call 4165003314 or email via my contact form.