Jewel City – New Artwork

Jewel City by Nicky Jameson
Jewel City
Jewel colours paint the city at night time

For a long time I’ve been unable to post any photos on my blog. I even stopped blogging on this blog and instead started blogging on Ko-Fi. With the move to my new hosting site it looks like it’s now fine to post on my blog again. I may just use it to post art.

I have a lot to say, it just seems to take so much energy to say it and really I want to say what I feel through my art. Not add more words. By the way, this painting was done in Rebelle Pro 6. I’ve added it to the tools I use to create my artwork, which included Adobe Photshop, Corel Painter, Procreate, plus several other creation tools on my ipad that I simply love. You can see several of my works in my Ko-Fi Gallery and on my Instagram. And of course my linktree has all my links – take a moment and check them out.

Speaking of which perhaps I will share some thoughts on my overall posting at some point. Including my thoughts on Ko-Fi – which I still like very much (it really is a great place for artists to get support and it’s a place of peace and quiet from the mess that is social media, however it does require people come over to it and the lack of traffic to pages there is a real issue for artists). But enough about that for now. It’s summer and I am taking a break.

I will definitely enjoy my summertime first!

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