Architecture on Richmond and Spadina

On  Richmond and Spadina

Spadina Avenue and Richmond by Nicky Jameson
Urban Architecture on Spadina Ave and Richmond St

Spadina Avenue Toronto is one of my favourite places to go out walking and shooting. It’s rich in history with the old Garment district (also called the Fashion District) and quirky (with Kensington Market and Chinatown). There is some spectacular architecture along Spadina too, both old (lots of beautiful Art Deco) and more modern.
This shot is of one of the condo buildings at Spadina Avenue and Richmond Street. Earlier in the year I took a photo of the giant thimble which marks the boundary of the Garment district (you can just about see the Thimble in the foreground of this photo). On this occasion I decided to walk on the other side of Spadina to see what the view was like from there. I could see the Giant Thimble, however I decided to make the subject the condo on the corner because I was struck by the imposing architecture of the building against the sky. It looks completely different when you walk on the West side… in fact you don’t really see the building. You have to step back, and, as I almost always find, look up. Ever since I shot the giant thimble though I think of this corner as Giant Thimble Corner so I made it my first title for this shot.

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