Paperback Writer

Paperback Writer

It was my love of reading and of The Beatles that inspired me to take and name this photograph Paperback Writer - Photography by Nicky Jameson, Fine Artist, Photographer and add it to my portfolio of fine art prints. Although I’m now a Torontonian, I was born and grew up in Britain and, as a Brit I fell in love with the MerseyBeat sounds of John, Paul, George & Ringo.

I’m sure most people have heard the Beatles’ song “Paperback Writer” – it was a number one on both sides of the pond after all – but I wonder how many people know the interesting story behind it, and how it merits a special place in the history of music?

The song was recorded in the summer of 1966, and was written by Paul McCartney. It was inspired by one of McCartney’s aunts, who complained to him that every song the Beatles had recorded so far was about love – as were nearly 99 percent of songs recorded by all artists at the time – and asked if he could write about something else. McCartney took up the challenge. The first thing he noticed after learning of his aunt’s request was Ringo reading a book, so that’s the subject he chose. The song takes the form of a letter being written by an aspiring author to a publisher, and features a reference to John Lennon’s favourite poet, Edward Lear.

This song was also important to the Beatles as it was the first to acknowledge the burgeoning influence of Indian music on the Beatles’ sound, as it written basically with one chord. It was also the first where they were allowed to virtually create whatever they wished to create, it being the first time their management team of Brian Epstein and George Martin has allowed them free reign.

I’ve always loved books as much as I love The Beatles. I like the way you can tell so much about a person simply by having a quick scan of their bookcase. It’s not just the titles as well. If the spines of their books are cracked and creased, you know the books are there because they have been read and loved. If they all look perfect, perhaps they are there just for show. If they’re arranged in alphabetical order, you can guess the owner has a meticulous personality. If they’re haphazardly arranged as if they’ve just been thrown at the shelves, perhaps that indicates a fun-loving person who hasn’t time for order and routine. Of course I may be talking complete rubbish, but it’s fun to speculate!

As a creative person myself, I love the way this art photograph marries three creative arts at once – music, literature and photography. I also love the way the hardback books and larger volumes are arranged on the top shelf and they don’t quite just fit on. I feel it gives the photograph just that little edge of tension and menace. I also love the way it’s a slight diversion for me, away from my usual choices of buildings and architecture, and I’m proud to offer it to buyers of fine art prints online.

Nicky Jameson is a Fine Art Photographer who enjoys exploring the world around her with her camera. Visit her online art portfolio to see more of her prints and canvases.

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