Canada Day Fireworks on Toronto Harbour

The Canada Day festivities usually begin with a firework display at the Waterfront. And in case you’re wondering, Canada is 147 years old.  In years past the Canada Day Canada Day Fireworks 2014fireworks would have been held at Ontario Place, however Ontario Place is being rebuilt into something else… probably a theme park.

Some people headed down to the Toronto waterfront to get a good spot to watch the  Canada Day fireworks display, others enjoyed the colourful fireworks from boats dotted about on the harbour. I hadn’t actually planned to film the fireworks, it was completely impromptu, but when I heard the first “boom” I grabbed my camera and started filming. In all I shot about 15 minutes of the fireworks, I edited it to just a few minutes to capture the amazing finale. Harry and I loved the fireworks which we thought were spectacular (you can probably tell) and one of the best parts was the clapping and cheering from others who had stopped on the street to watch the display. All in all it was a truly wonderful performance and the perfect start to Canada Day 2014.


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