Dreaming Yellow Parasols

Yellow Parasols

 Yellow Parasols on a Winter Beach – Art Photograph

Bright yellow parasols are likely to be a rare memory of summertime when Toronto is freezing in one of the coldest winters ever. Few people spend time at the beach at this time of year. If you’re an intrepid photographer who loves startlingly different pictures and challenges winter presents, then you’ll always find something a little out of the ordinary.  As always I couldn’t resist wondering just what I might find if I headed out to explore. So I braved the elements to to take a quick walk along the waterfront and, once again, I marvelled at a magical winter landscape.  With the harbour completely frozen over and HTO Beach looking very different from the usual warm summer chillout spot, the bright yellow  parasols were a welcome splash of colour on the bright white snow-covered beach.

Everything was sharply in focus and almost blindingly bright.  I decided to soften it with a slightly blurred treatment style that’s  deliberately at odds with the the overall sharpness of the bright winter landscape and turn my yellow parasols into somewhat dreaming of summer yellow parasols. I hope you enjoy this winter landscape with the summery yellow parasols.  For a short video of what else I captured at the beach this winter, check out my video clip if you haven’t already. I’ll be putting up a few more of my latest winter work shortly – as well as announcing some cool news.

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