Toronto Photography Winter Boardwalk

Toronto Photography – Winter Boardwalk in the Beaches

Toronto Photography - Winter Boardwalk
Beaches Boardwalk Winter

Finally in Toronto the weather seems to be warming up. For almost two months now we have had temperatures that have been double-digit below zero and as low as -40 C on some days. I’d almost forgotten what above freezing was like, along with sunshine. Happy to say we had some nice weather today.

I took this shot of the Beaches Boardwalk a week ago, and temperatures were still very cold. It was also snowing. The Boardwalk in Toronto’s Beaches is well known in Summer for skaters, cyclists and people strolling along in the warm weather. In winter it’s a very different story and if you look closely at this Toronto winter photograph of the Boardwalk you’ll spot some tracks. They are ski tracks. Yes, though the  boardwalk was quite flat the snow itself was quite deep. The tracks were from someone not skiing, but walking along on their skis. It’s not a sight I’ve often seen, however it seemed to work for this person.  Winter has painted a vast snowy landscape here. To the right of the photograph, over the fence (and out of sight) is the Leuty Lifeguard Station, and a very large dog park. It was fun to watch the dogs playing in the snow.  I took this particular shot because I liked the perspective of the blue lamp posts, which appear to stretch as far as the eye can see along the Boardwalk, in an elegant thin blue line. Snowy winter landscapes can be so  glaringly  white and bright sometimes that I decided to give this shot a different feel. A little moody on an overcast day on the Boardwalk in the Beaches. It’s going to be fun comparing the same scene in summer.

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