Happy New Year

Nicky Jameson's Artwork for sale at Arts Market, Leslieville

The past few weeks has been amazing, both from a creation of new  fine art photography and selling perspective. It’s good to end the year on a high note -even if there have been challenges along the way. For example I had the worst cold I’d had in years, resulting in my postponing my 2nd  solo fine art photography exhibit. Seriously, I can’t remember ever feeling so exhausted from a cold before. Many friends and family came down with that lergy. Being ever the glass half full person so I was just happy that I could take some time to recuperate and gather my strength back – all before the Christmas season. My exhibition? Rescheduled to Summer 2016, and I am excitedly considering exhibiting a new body of  fine art photography I’m creating.

I love this time of the year. I like to reflect on the past year, think of all I am grateful for and recall my accomplishments as well as some of the frustrations. I write them down now because it is so easy to forget, what with being inundated with so much – things to do, things to try, social media messages, people asking our attention, email and more email – you name it, it wants attention. It has been so important for me to focus, even if that means some things need to wait awhile. Art journaling (to which I’ve recently returned) helps my creative process and also helps me focus on the journey of my creative vision and voice. The other side of reflection is of course planning for the new creations. And I can only say that I am excited and I hope you will join me as the adventure continues.

In the meantime, if you are in the local Toronto area, remember to drop in at the Arts Market Leslieville, at 1114 Queen St. East, and view my latest work.  Like us on Facebook, follow me on twitter or visit online here or here.
Wishing you all a safe and peaceful New Year.

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