London Skyline – Textured Artistry

London Skyline in the Key of Blue – Textured Artistry

Skyline in the Key of Blue

Skyline in the Key of Blue is one of my recent textured artistry compositions. You can see more in my new Textured Artistry Gallery and on my Instagram.

Pushing my  textured artistry forward creates new ideas and seems to open new doors of opportunity every day. I’ve been feeling new horizons with art, music, contemplating how everything is so interlinked and how we are all on a journey…  Or, as I like to think of it, an adventure. It’s less about racing for the final destination more like slowing down enough to enjoy each day and learn from every experience – even the not so great ones. Because there is a lesson in all of them. It’s about thinking about what you want to do and why… your own mission and how it serves the greater picture. It’s about nurturing  dreams and action over analysis. It’s a very different way of thinking and being.

London Skyline – Textured Artistry

Skyline in the Key of Blue was an interesting composition to create. As one of my recent textured artistry pieces I had been thinking of doing this for a while, and had jotted down some very rough sketches (and I mean rough, I can’t draw for pennies). I took the iconic London skyline shot from  Tower Bridge and pushed it a little bit over the edge to make something altogether unique.

This composition has about 15 different layers including another architectural photo I took at  London’s Liverpool Street for the sky. This artwork  features some of my favourite architectural icons…  20 Fenchurch St (also known as the Walkie Talkie, which rather famously zapped a car through the sun on its concave shape), the Cheese Grater on Lombard St and my favourite of all the Gherkin which is on St Mary Axe the site of an old church. As with most of my textured compositions when I start I am never quite sure where I will end up and it can take several hours, even days of working with the images, layers and brushes to “feel” it. Unlike straight photography where the scene is  mostly created when you press the shutter, with my textured artistry the photograph is just the beginning, ready to be layered  with feeling, detail and emotion. What a journey!

Skyline in the Key of Blue artwork will shortly be available locally in my gallery at the Arts Market Leslieville, at 1114 Queen Street West and at London Calling Home (British Home Decor) at 239 Parliament St, Cabbage Town as part of my Textured Artistry collection series. I am very excited about this.  It’s already available to order from my portfolio site, Nicky Jameson Photography. I’m still creating my conventional fine art photography and both are are available at the Arts Market, London Calling Home and on Nicky Jameson Photography.


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