Latest Artwork – Fearless UK Art Union Jack

Fearless Canvas Print by Nicky Jameson

My latest UK art composition was a pleasure to make, though a lot more challenging than I anticipated. Much of my UK art has the Union Jack (or the Union Flag as it is also known) in it in some way shape or form. Specifically I wanted to do something that would mark June 23rd. Some time back I’d been thinking of how I could do something more arty… while still leaving the beautiful artwork of the UK flag to shine through. I tried a few things before I decided on the photographs that I thought would work. I always like to have depth and perspective in my compositions so my photograph of Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster I thought would work perfectly. After playing around with different blend modes I settled on one I liked. Then I used digital brushes on separate layers to add and blend the images of different London icons and landmarks which I then placed in strategic corners of of the flag – which became my canvas. Along with more arty elements, such as tape and paint splashes my composition has several layers and it took me about 4 hours to do. It’s become one of my favourite and most well received art pieces… and I’ve added it to mugs and tote bags as well as framed prints and canvases.
Often, when you have an idea, it’s good to go with it, even if it feels silly. You just never know where it will take you.



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