Other Side of Yonge, King Street East

New Art:  Other Side of Yonge, King Street East

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I added my new art, King Street East, the Other Side of Yonge to my artstore. This Toronto Cityscape artwork is available in canvas or framed print. I created it by manually painting my very popular photography called King Street East, that I took one Saturday morning in the summer of 2013. I remember the year well because it was a significant year for me and I remember going out with my new camera, and taking streetscape photographs. I hadn’t set out with the intention of doing cityscapes in particular however this was a scene that just presented itself to me. And it’s not often I am fortunate to see two street cars one heading East, the other heading West… without too many cars or people in the way. This photograph has become one of my top selling photos, whether it’s a print or a card.

To get the painterly effect with King Street East I painted my photograph manually using a selection of different brushes with my IpadPro and Apple Pencil. (Yes, technology is wonderful and as an artist I fully embrace it and how it enables me to further express my mission. It’s especially enabling me to explore a completely different king of process for creating my art, one that still uses my photographs and still holds true to my mission of savouring and celebrating our connections to home, yet opens up an entire new universe of art creation.  You can see much of my most recent mobile artwork in my Instagram feed.

King Street East is already one of my top selling photographs as a card and a print (get cards from my booth at the Arts Market Leslieville) – it’s a recognizable Toronto cityscape and people just love the  red street cars. With them being replaced by the new (and frankly quite uncomfortable ) street cars they might not be around in Toronto for much longer. So I am very happy to have created this painterly and entirely new original art and you can get one of these limited canvases from my artstore  in sizes to suit and shipped to you in a few days. It’s simply stunning and if you have connections to Toronto this will take you right back, not to mention have family and friends (and yourself) seeing something new every time you look at it.

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I'm Nicky Jameson Digital Artist from London, England, based in Toronto. A Modern Memory Keeper, my mission is to create and share iconic and lasting London and Toronto Cityscapes, and connections to Home. Visit Nicky Jameson Art to view more of my creations and purchase art or visit to support my art and check out my membershipQuestions? Call 4165003314 or email via my contact form.