Red Telephone Boxes in London

Red Telephone Boxes in London

Humanity, shared, is wanting to be heard and understood, in connection. Isn’t that what we, each of us, truly want? And so, at great risk we create our art, even as we know that most of it will go unheard and misunderstood. The thing is to take the risk, over and over again, whether you’re heard or not. In fact, chances are high most of our art will be ignored and it might never be understood.

Does it matter? Maybe. Yes. No. Sometimes. Duh!

I create anyway.

My home town has been on my mind a lot lately. I started out wanting to create something with a red white and blue palette, or something with a Union Jack exploding out of… something. But then I thought all I needed was something minimal yet instantly recognizable and England has many iconic and timeless things like that… imagery that says a lot or a little depending on your view. So I’ll do my Union Flag later. My red telephone boxes remind me of connection more than my mobile phone to which I am connected most of the time (a rather depressing thought). I am happy we still have some of the old ones around – some are even functioning still.

See more in the store: I’ve made Red Telephone Boxes into a canvas art and a framed print and even cushions and a tote – perfect for collecting and staying connected to your own little bit of home.

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I'm Nicky Jameson Digital Artist from London, England, based in Toronto. A Modern Memory Keeper, my mission is to create and share iconic and lasting London and Toronto Cityscapes, and connections to Home. Visit Nicky Jameson Art to view more of my creations and purchase art or visit to support my art and check out my membershipQuestions? Call 4165003314 or email via my contact form.