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Blackfriars Railway Bridge

In my photo you can see the columns of Blackfriars Bridge peeking out from the leftmost arch of the railway bridge – they really are that close! I like to think of bridges as works of art themselves, which is why I like to capture them and offer them as fine art prints.

Deceptive Imagery, Photography of the Curtain Mural or Flatiron Toronto Mural by Nicky Jameson

Deceptive Imagery

The installation is known as the “curtain wall” mural or the “Flatiron” mural and is actually mounted on a huge steel armature fixed to the rear of the building.Many people mistakenly believe that the Toronto version of the Flatiron is a copy of the iconic New York Flatiron building which is located at 175 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The truth is the Toronto building was completed first, in 1892, a full ten years before its Big Apple counterpart.