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Waiting for Summer

For this blog post I’ve returned to one of my most favourite places to photograph – Sugar Beach here in Toronto – and I’ve returned to one of my most favourite themes – finding and …

Sugar Beach Winter

I feel that part of my role as a photographer is to capture the unexpected. Mostly, the unexpected happens when you are least prepared (which is why it is unexpected!), so having your camera poised and ready when that perfect moment arrives

Winter Morning

Adams was a man of few words, but when he did say something, it was typically profound. “A true photograph need not be explained,” he once said, “nor can it be contained in words.” That sums up to me precisely what photography is all about. A photograph captures a moment, and says more about that one singular moment than a million words ever could.

Toronto Ice Storm 2013

Toronto’s Ice Storm 2013 did more than damage trees… the weight of the ice also broke power and telephone lines and left thousands of people without electricity on one of the coldest nights of the year. We were fortunate to have power throughout, as crews work 24 hours to restore power. The ice storm made for some beautiful photography as long as I was very careful in getting my shots. It was treacherously slippery underfoot and the last thing I wanted was to slip and fall. I was very happy to get these shots.