Toronto Ice Storm 2013

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Last night Toronto was hit by perhaps one of the worst ice storms in many years. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ice storm quite like this one and it’s already being called Toronto Ice Storm 2013.

Ice storms happen when already cold rain freezes on contact with surfaces, like trees,  tree branches, cars, railings, in  fact any surface at all that is already well below freezing point. The ice accumulates and covers everything with an ice-glaze. The trouble is that the ice glaze can be so heavy that it can break the tree. Many tree branches broke as a result of the ice, and whole trees can be destroyed this way.

Today, the roads were really slippery and treacherous – pavements/sidewalks become like skating rinks and outside steps are doubly dangerous as they and the handrails are coated with ice as well.

Toronto Ice  Storm 2013 did more than damage trees… the weight of the ice also broke power and telephone lines and left thousands of people without electricity on one of the coldest nights of the year.  We were fortunate to have power throughout, as crews work 24 hours to restore power to those without.

I had to get photographs of the ice storm however. The icy landscape was incredibly beautiful in a surreal kind of way and despite the destructiveness of the ice storm you couldn’t help but be amazed at nature’s artwork. This was a photography opportunity not to be missed. Nature had indeed created some amazing art sculpture and although it was a little risky, and I couldn’t go too far because of the hazardous conditions, I did manage to get some very memorable shots of the ice storm which I think will make some interesting photographic art prints.  I was very happy to get these and I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Red-Tree-Ice-Storm 2013-1RW Ice coated tree by Nicky Jameson

Photographs of Toronto’s Ice Storm 2013 – Red tree branches coated with ice

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