Snow on Toronto Harbourfront



We had a white Christmas in Toronto this year. After the  destructive ice storm (now dubbed Toronto ice storm 2013) which produced some of the most beautiful winter photography I have ever seen we had more snow, gentler this time. It was fun to look out of the window on Christmas Eve and see it was snowing… and it was still snowing on Christmas morning. After the first snow fall I went for a walk along the waterfront and got some striking winter photographs. I called this one snow on Toronto Harbourfront. I’m looking forward to turning into one of my canvas art prints. In particular this photo of the frozen harbour is already becoming one of my favourite winter 2013 photographs, because it’s from something other than an eye-level perspective, something different from the ordinary view we take for granted.

I really enjoy winter photography and so this time of year is one of my favourite times to shoot. I think snow offers so many opportunities to get creative. Although the extreme Toronto cold means I usually can’t stay out that long before my fingers freeze and I can’t feel the camera, I find getting out early in the morning when it’s just stopped snowing and before too many people have disturbed the snow offers huge rewards in terms of the winter beauty I can capture. The snow gives everything a breathtaking surreal feel, like it’s another world.

The day after the Toronto Ice storm was one of my more riskier outings because the ground was so icy and therefore dangerous Even though the paths were salted, I found myself treading very carefully so I didn’t miss my step. I kept thinking that I wouldn’t get much sympathy if slipped and fell… last year I missed my footing in the snow and landed flat on my face in the snow. I got the shot and miraculously managed to keep my camera from touching the snow. As they say,  when you have to get the shot, you get the shot, even if it means suffering for your art! Talking of suffering, most households now have their power back. The ice storm downed power lines so many spent several days without power.

Enjoy my winter wonderland Toronto art print. Click to see it on my artist website.

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