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Alignment: Art Photograph

Gordon Parks: Photographer, Musician, Writer, Director Sometimes you come across an individual whose life was such an inspiration, you wonder why most people have never heard of them, or at least have never had the …

Flatiron Gooderham Building Toronto

Flatiron (Gooderham) Building Canvas  The red-brick Flatiron Gooderham Building (commonly referred to as the Flatiron Building) is a historic landmark of Toronto, Ontario, Canada located at 49 Wellington Street East. It is wedged between Front …

Alto Cumulus, an Art installation in Broodkfield Place. Fine art print by Nicky Jameson

Alto Cumulus

 Alto Cumulus by Max Streicher Lately we’ve been having some very crazy weather. Two weeks ago Toronto was submerged by floods from torrential rain. From a hot sunny afternoon the sky darkened within minutes and …

Street Art: Spinning Fountain

the third fountain was called. It was the just as impressive and the hardest of the three to photograph. Both the water and the metal fountain bowl reflected the sunlight, no matter where I stood. Far away and I couldn’t see the bubbling water inside that well.