Street Art: Spinning Fountain

Spinning Fountain

The Spinning Fountain was the second of the three fountains I photographed in this urban Toronto oasis.

This particular fountain is designed as a tree trunk and roots at the base, with water coming out of the bottom of the “tree stump”, on which a second part rotates like a corkscrew and “spins” water up -first in a spiral and then in a loop. It was fascinating to see.
Nicky Jameson Photos: Street Art &emdash; Rotating Fountain

I got as near to it as I dared – the angle of the water trajectory meant getting right near it to photograph it close up wasn’t going to happen unless I was willing to get a drenching. I was more concerned about my camera getting wet than me getting wet.  It certainly is challenging photographing fountains, however it was an opportunity for my to use the Time Value (TV) setting on my Canon. And to me it was a marvellous piece of urban exploration.

“Bubbling Water” Flower Fountain

Nicky Jameson Photos: Street Art &emdash; Bubbling Water Flower Fountain
I’ve no idea if that is in fact what the third fountain was called. It was the just as impressive and the hardest of the three to photograph. Both the water and the metal fountain bowl reflected the sunlight, no matter where I stood. Far away and I couldn’t see the bubbling water inside that well. Too near and it meant  over exposure,  and ommitting elements of the bowl,  and how the water flowed out from each of the three lips. In the end I opted for close up, capturing water, metal bowl and the movement. I blurred the background to help bring the focus to the fountain.

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