All Change

It’s been a few years since I wrote on this blog, about copywriting, twitter and social media. Much has happened in the last few years, however the big thing is that while I still write from time to time and while I use social media my focus has definitely shifted. I now have Jive Nation Toronto which I started in April 2010 (I created the site, thank you WordPress and Genesis, you are amazing) and I went back to my other love: photography. I have a body of work on Flickr (I have had mixed feelings about their recent changes, but I love the variety, scope and talent and my friends there and haven’t been able to leave it even though it’s not what it was when I signed up for it) as well as a couple of other photo hosting sites.

Kentish Town Tube by Nicky Jameson

My plan is to turn this site into a photo-blogging site, where I can post my photos and wax lyrical when the fancy takes me. That means this site is going to change radically, for the better.  Photography is about connection, it’s about telling stories with no words, a few words or many words. It’s something different for everyone and this is going to be a good place for me to explore my love for photography.

On May 30th I lost my father and it’s been a very weird time to say the least.  He loved taking photos… usually of his kids. Through this difficult time ( to my amazement I wanted to take photos even more (I generally shoot something every day if I can, or at least every weekend). Taking photos became my constant, I could take pictures when I was sad as well as when I was happy. And when I look at each and every photo taken during this time I remember exactly what I was thinking and feeling when I took it. That’s a story for another time… maybe. For now, things are going to change around here.

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