Memorial Times

My Dad’s memorial was last Saturday June 15th 2013. It was a celebration of life.

It was quite beautiful and being with family was the most important thing. I think my Dad would have loved hearing all the wonderful things people said about him, he really was a dynamic personality and I miss him very much. Even during a sad time (the saddest time ever being home) I found that going out and shooting was the perfect way to both remember and take my mind off the heavy-heartedness for a while.  I went back and shot that fantastic sundial and made a point of noting the time. And I particularly enjoyed shooting the stations which always requires speed and some pretty good timing. Sometimes I got it, other times I didn’t.

London South Kensington Tube, one of London's oldest statios

Not sure TFL is too keen on shooting in the stations so I was sensitive to that… but my plan is to get photos of any station I happen to be at. It’s funny how the ordinary takes on a completely different aspect when I am shooting with purpose.  And London’s great because there are so many fellow photogs wandering around with cameras and nobody cares or stares at you when you bring out yours (it’s generally round my neck anyway).

Above all, I can remember exactly how I was feeling when I took all my photos, so they are a great way of preserving and recalling memories of a very special time. And of course I’ve loads to upload before we’re back in London later this year.


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