Toronto Night: Crossing Spadina

It didn’t rain today even though further thunderstorms had been forecast.

Nicky Jameson Photos: Night Scenes: Crossing Spadina

Today the talk was all about who had been affected by yesterday’s mega thunderstorm, where they were and how they got through it, there were some great stories. Electricity is still out in many places in Toronto… thousands still with no power and the public transit system is still not fully-functional. At least there was no more rain. That would have made a bad situation worse. And it’s still not as bad as Calgary.

In keeping with the events of July 8th (aka Toronto’s  Great Thunderstorm) I thought of this night photograph I took earlier this year of a cold rainy night on Spadina at King. I titled  it “Crossing Spadina” because that’s what it was doing at King St West.  I’m always shooting street cars with varying levels of success. They always seem to be slow moving… except when I decide to photograph them. But they are an instantly recognizable Toronto symbol and always great  fun to shoot. In this case I loved the fact that one streetcar was going East and the other West.

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