St James Park Bandstand (Toronto)

Nicky Jameson Photos: Toronto &emdash; Bandshell in St James's Park

I first shot the St James Park Bandstand (also known as St James Park  Bandshell) back in the winter, so I was thrilled to see it again –  this time in full summer bloom with glorious sunshine and greenery.  It was just stunning.

I love to take photos in different seasons – the difference can be startling. In summer the same spot feels completely different from in winter. When I shot it back in winter it was night. There was snow on the ground the park was deserted – and a little eerie. Not so in summer, with people sitting in the shade of the bandstand as well as strolling through the park.  This particular day was  very hot and sunny. Both the Bandstand and the park are quite beautiful, an urban oasis in the bustling city.

St James Park Bandstand – Winter. I took this shot  March 2013 and it was so cold I had trouble feeling my fingers.
St James Park Bandstand in Winter

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