Toronto Waterfront Skyline

With the beautiful summer days and long evenings I am spending most of my time out enjoying the sunshine. I’ve been out and about making photographs and creating art -  which I’ll duly be sharing with you, however I have made an deliberate effort to  unplug and spend more time outside in the lovely weather – and less behind my computer. So, dear reader, in lieu of a longer blog post today, I am simply going to share some of my Toronto skyline art  with you. I hope you like them!

Toronto Waterfront Skyline

Toronto Waterfront Skyline – 1

This is one of the iconic views of the Toronto skyline. The building you can see in the foreground is  called Kings Landing. It was designed by the architect Arthur Erickson. it was completed in 1984 and was one of the first condominiums to be built in the former industrial region along the lake shore.  Hard to imagine that most of the Toronto waterfront was all industrial and then landfill not so many years ago. That’s a story for another day. Kings landing  also houses the headquarters of the Walter Carsen Centre for the  Canadian National Ballet.  The lower levels of King’s Landing were always intended to be arts space, linked to the Harbourfront facility further down on Queens Quay.  In the background is the white roof of the  Rogers Centre (a.k.a Skydome) Toronto Dominium Bank Towers, TD Canada Trust Building,  the CN Tower, BMO (Bank of Montreal tower and Scotia Plaza (the reddish  building).  I captured this photograph because, in addition to the beautiful view of the Toronto Waterfront Skyline, I always marvel at the distinctive architecture of Kings landing. I like to look for different perspectives of the Toronto skyline. This view of the Toronto waterfront is iconic – not least because of King’s Landing which is, unsurprisingly, an oft-photographed landmark along the waterfront.

Night Lines

Nightlines  is one of those art photographs that simply presented itself. I took the photograph after a late evening at work and I was heading over to wait for a street car. And of course, great architecture always stops me in my tracks. This building is the Toronto Dominion Bank headquarters at King and Bay, in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. In any photographs of Toronto’s skyline, six of the skyscrapers you see will include the TD Centre Towers on Bay, King, Wellington and Front Streets. The TD Tower is one of six  black towers of amazing architecture, and it’s another major Toronto landmark.

What made this shot special was  how the lighting from within brought the beautiful architectural details to life. And instead of shooting from one side of the building I knew I wanted a different perspective -  both sides of the building  captured all the lines and let them lead.  I can remember it was very much a “wow” moment for me and so I was pretty pleased  at how it came out. To see Night Lines full screen click on the image – it  will take you to the photograph on my Flickr site where you can see it at full resolution.

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