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Nicky Jameson Art Photography Debuting at the Arts Market, Leslieville August 2014

So, an eventful summer continues with some great news. My art photography will soon be available at the Arts Market! Hurrah! I’m thrilled to bits. I am very thrilled to have been selected to join over 50 other fellow creative souls  at Toronto’s only indoor  year-round Arts Market. It’s  a unique opportunity for me to introduce and showcase my artwork to a wider audience of potential admirers and buyers, connect with them in person, build my business as well as to be involved with and support the local Toronto  artist community. What a great way to start the new month of August. I am pretty stoked! So what’s the Arts Market? Created by owner Daniel Cohen, Arts Market is a unique space for artistic entrepreneurs minus the red tape or bureaucracy. There are two locations, one in the West end of Toronto at 846 College Street and the other in the East end at 1114 Queen Street (at Caroline), in Leslieville. Find out more here and, if you’re in Toronto or even just visiting, head on down and have a look.

ArtsMarket 1114 Queen St East, Leslieville

I will be keeping you up to date as I get my gallery ready for my gallery launch-day later this month– so stay tuned for some behind the scenes shots of the preparation and a launch announcement when we’re all ready to do.  I’ll still be publishing my regular art photography posts, however I was so excited about my Arts Market news this week it was the most important thing I wanted to share with you. If you’re not already on my monthly arty newsletter, now’s a great time to sign up.  You may notice a few updates to the website as well, as I make it more effectively showcase my photography and  easier to buy the pieces you love.

Doors and Doorways

This week I’ve been photographing doorways, windows and portals. I always think doors and doorways represent opportunity. Sometimes doors close and it may initially seem like that’s the end of a dream, however I’ve learned from my own experience that one door closing means another one is opening. I used to spend a lot of time knocking on doors that had closed or trying to push them open… now, not so much. Because there’s almost always another story and adventure opening behind the new door that’s opening.

Door, University of Toronto

We could say a lot more about doors… they can mean something different to each of us… but for now I will leave you with this rather intricate doorway –   with fascinating architecture framing one of many beautiful doors on the St George campus of the University of Toronto.

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