Sky Over Skyline in Toronto

Since being back from my trip home to England it’s been busy, and almost every weekend there’s been something on. As they say, it’s all good, however it does mean I’ve been less able to do production on all my images. My gallery at the Arts Market is fun – it is great to select new art for printing and mounting, and go hunting for frames to match. Printing and mounting my work has been somewhat amazing in the way it helps me open up conversations with people. As I write, I am preparing some of my art photography prints to hang in local businesses and all sorts of opportunities seem to arise from that. I can  say there is a huge difference between talking about pixels and talking about prints. Prints are physical… and they give me an even greater appreciation of my work… especially when I show them. I’m loving it. Anyway, stay tuned for some more updates – I have lots more! Remember if you are local to Toronto you can come and visit me at the Arts Market Leslieville, 1114 Queen St East. Drop in and let’s talk art photography –  I’d love to see you.

Sky over Skyline in Toronto

Sky over Skyline

It’s Autumn in Toronto and while the summer days are a bit of a memory now I have been out and about in the beautiful autumn weather, made even more stunning by the leaves “turning” shades of red, gold and green. If you’ve been following my Flickr site you’ll see I’ve posted some of my recent photos there. it never fails to amaze me how I can discover new things just by going out on a walk with my camera. While I have several of my London urban photographs to post, a couple of weeks ago I went walking along the waterfront (as I often do). This time I walked further than I normally do and discovered a new skyline. While many are familiar with our Toronto skyline (and stay tuned), here is a skyline that caught my attention. I was struck by the stillness of the water, the colour and the haziness of the skyline in the distance. I also loved the slightly “minimalist” appearance of this Toronto skyline under the beautiful blue sky. In the distance are the condominiums of Palace Pier and while I have travelled past this skyline many times I’d never seen it from this spot. Another quite novel aspect was that I was able to stand in an elevated spot. I hope you enjoy this art photograph as much as I enjoyed making it.

Coming up – Exploring London!

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