Toronto Skyline

So I promised we are going on a London journey through my London England photos… and we will. I have so many great photos that it’s actually hard to pick which ones to work on first! So I started with sorting them out which meant going through them and what a treat – I love being able to revisit all the wonderful places I went during the summer. Of course that did take me away from sorting for a bit.  As the dark winter nights become the norm, I have bright sunny days through through re-living my holidays. What a wonderful thing to be able to do.

While I’m working on London though I did nip out to take in the Toronto skyline. I love photographs of the Toronto skyline. Lately it occurred to me that I didn’t have a recent one (I had several from when I first came to Toronto 10 years ago, the skyline has changed quite a bit since then).

Toronto Skyline III

More commonly shots of Toronto’s skyline are taken from a distance so that you can see the outline of the entire skyline, however not the individual buildings (at least not as clearly). I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to capture the buildings that make up the Toronto skyline, the skyscrapers of different colours and structures that make up this iconic landscape. As with most of my art photography, capturing the shot was far from easy. But I knew where to start… and that was Toronto Island. We usually go to the Island at least twice in the summer. This year we never got around to it. So it was that I headed over to the Island in search of my Toronto skyline shot on a very cold and even windier day. In fact, it was incredibly windy and at one point I thought my sturdy tripod was going to blow over taking my camera with me. I also wondered what possessed me to go to the Island  on such a cold Autumn day. Was I nuts? Maybe. But it was the most exhilarating experience being right near the water… even though it made for some interesting framing for the skyline. Does it feel as if I was standing on the water to get this shot? That’s deliberate. The cool thing about seeing the buildings is something I realized as I reviewed them –  I have been in every single one of them at one time or another. Except, of course, those under construction. I can name them all too. Not bad for a Brit.

There are so many perspectives of the beautiful Toronto skyline to capture and it’s not always obvious. Here is another skyline one of my favourites and recently shot. I hope you enjoy my latest art photograph of Toronto’s iconic skyline. It’s available for purchase as a framed print or canvas print to add drama to bare walls. If you’re local to Toronto come on in to the Arts Market Leslieville  1114 Queen St East and check out my latest art.

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