Perfect Reflections Perfect Clouds

Perfect Reflection of perfect clouds on a summer day, Canary Wharf
Cityscape of clouds boats and buildings reflected on water at Canary Wharf
Perfect Clouds, Reflection

Reflections are some of my favourite urban landscape themes. There are all kinds of reflections and each time I happen upon one I am taken aback by its perfection and beauty. I rarely go out looking for reflections, which makes discovering them a continued delight. I think of them rather like snowflakes – each one is unique and cannot be duplicated. Often I find it hard to tell  which is the reflection and which is reflected. Like my almost perfect urban landscape reflection of clouds in water at Fisherman’s Walk, Canary Wharf, discovered on another beautiful September day. The water in this man-made lake was almost completely still and the clouds were reflected so perfectly that there was no question that I would have to capture them and make them the focus of this art photograph – the clouds in the sky from an unusual perspective. I find this such  a wonderfully relaxing art photograph and even though this scene will never exist again in quite the same way, I can enjoy it and share it when ever I wish. I am thinking it’s going to make a beautiful canvas or metal print.

I often  like to lie on my back in the park and look up at the clouds….and sometimes I find a perfect reflection of perfect clouds, in a perfect sky.

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