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Art Photography Gallery by Nicky Jameson
Toronto Art Photography by Nicky Jameson

A few weeks ago I moved my art gallery space in the Arts Market and so today on my regular visit today I was very happy to find a couple of holes, sorry –  spaces on the wall… thanks to the collectors who recently purchased my framed prints. Making art is fabulous, and as a local emerging artist it is even more fabulous when people buy my art. It inspires me to create more. I have some more framed prints going up and am looking forward to more holes created by very happy buyers. If you’re local to Toronto and haven’t yet checked out my gallery at the Arts Market, pop in and browse around – lots of talent and something for everyone.

So Winter is here and it gets even more exciting. If you’ve been following my blog you will know that Toronto winter art photography is one of my favourite  themes. I never know quite what I am going to discover, all I know is that it’s going to be beautiful and it’s probably going to be cold out, and I’m going to wonder again if I have truly lost it this time when trying to find a foothold on an icy pathway at 6 am in the morning and my fingers are already freezing. I know though that I’ll forget all that in a flash as I bring the capture to life.

Thank You!

As November comes to an end it’s a really good time to thank everyone –  friends, photographers, colleagues, artists, business people, admirers –  who has supported and encouraged my art photography over the past year. It has been an incredible year and there is much more to come. I particularly want to say a huge thanks to all my clients – your choice to buy and collect my work inspires me more than you know, to create even more and push myself to even greater horizons. I love nothing better than to walk until I am tired, whether  in Toronto, London or wherever I happen to be, discovering the often unseen art stories  that will become part of my next work of art soon to be transforming someone’s space. So thank you for being part of my art journey and here’s to creating, selling and buying more art photography. Always feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you like, your favourites, interesting landmarks in your area or any questions.

‘Tis the Festive Season

We are getting festive! Christmas (for us Brits)/the Holidays are almost here once more and it’s such fun seeing all the decorations and lights transforming everywhere. I am of course, hoping for snow, and it will be a perfect reminder of how Christmas was growing up. As a local artist I’m more aware than ever of buying local and supporting local artisans and merchants. It’s actually quite easy for me to do that as I avoid crowds, dislike crushes, and create my own art.

While  I have my gallery at the Arts Market there are a wealth of Christmas/Holiday markets and craft shows in Toronto and beyond with some amazing ideas if you are looking for gifts that are just that little bit different. They are not limited to Toronto either there are some spectacular Christmas markets around the world – so if shopping local is something that interests you check out your local holiday markets, craft shows and flea markets for some very creative merchandize.

Art – whether framed, unframed or canvas – makes a great gift – especially for the art lover, or  the “person who has everything and is hard to buy for.” With framed art you don’t have to worry about getting it framed yourself. Plain black, wood or aluminium frames go with almost any decor and canvas is the ultimate in simplicity as you don’t have to worry about frames (unless you opt to frame your canvas). So if you’ve never thought giving the gift of art, it is something definitely worth considering.

London Calling

I hope you’ve been enjoying my London art photography. My latest creations have been about London’s Canary Wharf because I love the architecture of that area partly because it’s an example of a turning a somewhat derelict area into a planned urban space. We will be continuing our London exploration for a while and I will be making art prints available for sale so stay tuned.

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Visit me at the Arts Market, 1114 Queen St East, Toronto

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