London Vines – The Gherkin

London Vines – The Gherkin

London Lines - View of the Gherkin
London Lines – View of the Gherkin

London is amazing for architecture. Wherever you go there is something to marvel at I love to wander down side streets and love being surprised by a completely different view of a building. And if you have been following my blog you’ll know how much I love to find “ancient and modern” in the same space. I called this photograph “London Vines – the Gherkin” because of the beautiful combination of leading lines that draw the eye to the lines that make the diagonal patterns of the Gherkin, echoing the theme of old and new. I normally take shots of the London landmark, the Gherkin, from a distance to capture the egg-shaped form of this beautiful architectural wonder. If you’ve seen it from a distance and then discover its base it can be quite a surprise and it seems (to me at least) that every perspective is a little different. In summer it is great to sit on one of the benches in the shadow of the Gherkin enjoying the sculpture in the city and the very old churches and buildings side by side with the very modern. It’s almost like you can “absorb” their stories.

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