Leuty Lifeguard Station Beaches

Lifeguard Staion

Leuty Lifeguard Station

The Leuty Lifeguard station in the Beaches looks calmly out over Lake Ontario.

Lifeguard Station in the Beaches
Lifeguard Station on Wintertime Beach

In the summer you can look over a clear blue lake and see if anyone gets into trouble in the water. In the winter the beach is bleak and almost deserted. The air is crisp and there is something about snow that creates an eerie silence. It was just a wonderful feeling being on the beach walking along with people crunching through the newly fallen snow. Though it was cold and very windy, some people were out and about and the dogs clearly loving jumping and playing in the snow. When I’m taking a shot I often wait for people to move so I can frame my subject. But these days I like to see people in my shots. I shot this so you can just see the people and the dogs…I like how it shows scale and context and brings life to this art photograph.

So it’s another Toronto winter (with sub zero temperatures) and once again I go out exploring with my camera, finding some beautiful scenes by the water drawing me out to explore further because I am fascinated with creating winter photography stories. I even saw someone walking along on skis. People out walking, dogs happily playing. No one was going swimming today though. And somehow I think most of us would prefer the summer time for a walk on the beach. Yep, I can still feel the cold.

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